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Voluntary Organisations

There are the membership details of some 34 voluntary organisations entered into the database (see below). The size, wealth and social composition of the organisations differed considerably, ranging from the largest – the Nottingham General Hospital – to organisations with only a fraction of its influence, prestige and income – like the Nottingham Society of Artists and the Nottingham Social Guild. Even within medical charities and organisations there was a clear hierarchy, from the General Hospital, to the much small specialist hospitals such as those specifically established for Women or Eyes. Of particular note, too, are those organisations like Cot Fund and Saturday Fund, established to support hospital provision. The detail available on each organisation varies according to the data available that has survived.

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The General Hospital. Nottingham Children's Hospital
Nottingham and Midland Eye Infirmary Dispensary
Lunatic hospital: The Coppice The City Mission
Adult Deaf and Dumb Society (Nottingham And Notts) The Nottingham District Cripples' Guild
Hospital for Women Samaritan Hospital for Women
Nottingham and Notts Hospital for Diseases of the Throat, Ear and Nose Midland Orphanage and Industrial Training Institute for Girls
Nottingham Day Nursery and Orphanage Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Association for the Prevention of Consumption
The Social Guild Nottingham Society of Artists
Poor Girls' and Poor Boy's Camp Society Girls' Evening Homes and Clubs
Charity Organisation Society Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society
Sunday School Union Southwell House, temporary rescue home
Nottingham and Notts Convalescent Homes Nottingham and Notts Nursing Association
Children's Hospital Cot Fund Mechanics' Institute
Chamber of Commerce Nottingham and District War Pensions Committee
Ellerslie House Home Bromley House Subscription Library
British Red Cross Society (Notts branch) Nottingham and District Health (Saturday) Fund
Nottingham and Notts Girl Guides National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Nottingham and District